A Fenian Funeral Procession in Nenagh – 18671213

Ever since the announcement by Lord Derby defining the Party Processions and Party Emblems Acts, the more advanced sympathizers of Allen and his unfortunate companions have in this neighbourhood been engrossed in preparations for a funeral procession, and we understand the services of a Limerick band have been engaged for the coming procession, which, it is rumoured, will come off in Nenagh on New Year’s Day with all imaginable pomp and circumstance. We hear the country people are being canvassed by a company of volunteers, and collections raised, ostensibly to pay for masses for the executed felons, but in reality to pay for the hire of three hearses and bandsmen, whose “patriotic” favour it has been found necessary to stimulate by liberal travelling expenses. We understnad no special masses will be said in Nenagh Chapel, as the Rev. M. Cleary, P. P., and his colleagues, are avowedly opposed to any movement to show that they have a scintilla of sympathy in the bad cause which brought the necks of three wretched desperadoes within the halter. – Nenagh Guardian.

A “funeral procession” is being organized, to take place in this city on Sunday next. It would thus seem that the miserable mania for exhibitions of sympathy with the executed Fenians is spreading. – Kilkenny Moderator.

A Fenian funeral procession in Nenagh - Cork Constitution18671213

Cork Constitution, December 13, 1867