An Additional Act for stating and determining the Accompts of the Officers and Soldiers of the Army in Ireland – 16530815

Act of 15 August 1652. for stating Accompts till that time.; Arrears incurred since.; The Commissioners to state and give Debentures for arrears to the 23 of October 1653.; Persons disbanded shall have Accompts stated till their disbanding.; Persons deceased.; Composition.

Whereas by an Act of the last Parliament, bearing date the Fifteenth day of August, One thousand six hundred fifty two (Entituled, An Act for stating and determining the Accompts of such Officers and Soldiers as are or have been imployed in the Service of this Commonwealth in Ireland) Provision is made for stating the arrears of the said Officers and Soldiers for the time then past, or for compounding for the same, according to the rules and directions therein given; but forasmuch as a further arrear is incurred since the passing of the said Act, Be it Declared and Enacted by this present Parliament, and it is hereby Declared and Enacted by the authority thereof, That Nicholas Domvile Gent. Robert Jeofferies Gent. and other the Commissioners in the said Act named, or any two of them, shall be and are hereby impowered to state, certifie, and give Debentures for all or any the arrears of the said Officers or Soldiers, which have or shall grow due for their service in Ireland, until the Three and Twentieth day of October next coming, in this present year One thousand six hundred fifty three; and if any of the said Officers or Soldiers are or shall be disbanded before that time, the said Commissioners are required and authorized to state their Accompts, unto the time of their disbanding, and to give forth to them Debentures accordingly: And in case of the decease of any Officer or Soldier before the said Three and twentieth of October, or the time appointed for their disbanding, or of their leaving the Army or Service by License, or of being Cashiered, and not Sentenced by the Court Martial to lose his or their Arrears; The said Commissioners are hereby authorized to state his or their Accompts to the time of such decease, departing or cashiering, and to give forth Debentures to them, their Executors or Administrators accordingly; or in case they or any of them shall choose to proceed by the way of Composition for their Arrears, the said Commissioners are therein to allow them for the arrears incurred since the date of the said former Act.

Power to compound for Arrears.

And be it further Enacted and Declared by the authority aforesaid, That the said Commissioners be, and are hereby impowered to compound for arrears according to the said Act, with the lawful Attorney or Attornies of any Officer or Soldier, who by reason of distance of place, or because of attendance on their duty, or for other causes cannot personally repair to the said Commissioners; as also with the Attorney or Attornies of the Executor or Administrator of any Officer or Soldier deceased; and such Compositions with them made, shall be as good and effectual to all intents and purposes, as if it had been made with the person or persons immediately to whom the said arrears were due.

Persons exempted from the benefit of this Act.

Provided always, That this Act, or any thing therein contained, shall not extend to the giving to any Officer or Soldier, who are adjudged by the said former Act to have forfeited their arrears any benefit or advantage of their arrears so forfeited, nor to the taking away any limitations or restrictions provided by the said former Act, concerning the Certificates or Vouchers to be produced to evidence any arrears, nor to the making void any penalty laid by the said former Act on any that shall produce false Certificates or Vouchers, thereby fraudulently to demand arrears.