An Irishman’s Experience of Fenianism – 18671203

“An Irishman” writes to a San Francisco paper, the Morning Call: – “I came to this State about eighteen months ago, and having little money, of course I found friends. In consequence of this I became a Fenian. It was then hail fellow well met – tea, toast, and whiskey galore. I was then persuaded, last November, to subscribe the sum of three hundred dollars, receiving in return Irish Republican Bonds. The benefits that I and my friends were to receive for the above amount were glowingly pictured, and so told and re-told, that I really began to fancy myself a great man. Guess, however, my astonishment and despair, when I discovered, a few months past, that the whole affair was a deliberate system of wholesale daylight robbery, and would not be tolerated in any respectable country. I have made every inquiry, and cannot discover what has become of all the money paid by myself and friends on account of Fenianism.”

An Irishmans experience of Fenianism - Cork Constitution 18671203

Cork Constitution, December 3, 1867