An Ordinance appointing a Committee of the Adventurers for Lands in Ireland, for determining differences among the said Adventurers – 16540801

Names of Committee for determining differences among adventurers in Ireland.; To determine lands by lot.; Continuance of Ord.

Whereas the proportions of several Adventurers for Lands in Ireland, have fallen by lot within one and the same Barony, which may occasion some differences among the said Adventurers, in case the total of the escheated Land within such Baronie shall not bee sufficient to answer the proportions of Land allotted to the respective Adventurers; Now for the better composing of any differences that shall fall out, and on the humble desire of the said Adventurers, Bee it Ordained by His Highness the Lord Protector of the Commonweath of England, Scotland, and Ireland, by and with the advice and consent of His Council, That the persons hereafter named, beeing equally chosen and nominated by the body of the said Adventurers: That is to say, Sir Thomas Dacres, Sir John Clotworthy, Alderman Thomas Andrews, Alderman John Fowke, Alderman Samuel Avery, Thomas Ayres, John Blackwell Senr, William Webb, William Hawkins, Charls Lloyd, George Almory, Thomas Barnardiston, John Greensmith, Lawrence Bromefield, Thomas Brightwell, Deputy Hutchinson, Michael Herring, Alexander Jones, John Wood, Thomas Strane, Sir David Watkins, Alexander Bence, Thomas Gower, William Penoyer, Henry Colborne, William Hickhocks, Thomas Vincent, Alderman Foot, James Russell, Alderman Waring, Maurice Thompson, Francis Ashe, John Moyser, John Holland, Edmond Harrison, and Ambrose Moore Esquires, bee, and hereby are impowred and authorised by themselves or any eleven or more of them, or by such others as they or any eleven or more of them shall from time to time nominate and appoint, in such cases where several Lots have been drawn by several persons, of Lands lying in the same Barony, to settle a way and method for determining by Lot, how many and which of the said Adventurers proportions, falling within one and the same particular Barony, wherein the escheated Lands shall fall short of the Allotments, shall bee continued and laid out in such Barony, or how much thereof, and which of the said Adventurers shall take his proportion, or how much thereof elsewhere, according to the Act of Parlament made in that behalf; And the Lord Deputy of Ireland and Council for the time being, are here authorized to settle such persons as shall be so removed in such other places as is provided by the Acts of Parlament in that behalf. And the Committee and Committees hereby authorised are also impowred to settle a method by Lot, for ascertaining the subdivision of Adventurers proportion, that shall continue in all and every the several Baronies according to their respective allotments. And further, That the said Lord Deputy and Council bee, and are hereby impowred and authorized, to hear and determine all differences that shall happen and arise concerning any the premisses, among the said Adventurers or any of them: Provided that this Ordinance shall continue in force for one whole year, from the fift of June last, and no longer.