The Inquest into the Murder of Edmond Allen – 18860118

The Murder in Tipperary Tipperary, Monday Today an inquest was held at Shronell National School by Tobias J. Morrissy, M. D., Coroner, touching the murder, on Saturday evening last, at Shronell, of Edmond Allen, of Galbally, county Limerick. County-Inspector Stephens and District-Inspector Shoveller were in attendance. Mr. Ryan, solicitor, Tipperary, appeared for the next-of-kin of the murdered man. A jury, with Mr. Richard Condon, P. L. G., Shronell, as foreman, having been sworn, Mr. Corbitt deposed – I remember Saturday evening, the 16th inst.; I was at Dameville [sic], of which I have charge; the deceased came to Dameville about half past four o’clock; he brought home a mare that was let to him by Mr. Chadwick, remained about a quarter of an hour, and went into the house and set a clock according to his own watch; I let him out at the hall door and did not see him afterwards alive. Patrick O’Neill, groom, Lattin, deposed – I was in Tipperary on the 16th inst.; I reached Shronell, on my return home, at about 5 o’clock; I was on a car; found deceased lying in the water-table on his face and hands; when we lifted him up we found he was dead dead; there was heat in him, and we placed him against the wall; when we had him fixed against the wall Timothy Quinn, National schoolmaster at Shronell came up, and said, “What is keeping you there, Pat?” I replied, “We found a dead man.” To County-Inspector Stephens – There was fair light at the time; Mr. Daly and John Bourke searched the body, and found a bill on him, on which his name was – Edmond Allen; then we knew who he was; we sent word up to Mr. Browne, knowing he was a friend of his; there was clear daylight then; I reached my own house at Lattin at 6 o’clock, and I gave word to the police at Glenane. David Hoey, ex-policeman, deposed – I got a cart from Thomas Sorly and brought the body to my father-in-law’s house, Richard Browne; when the police arrived I removed some of his clothes; I found on his chest a black mark, as if caused by something inside the skin; I turned the body then on the left side and found blood and two marks; the first looked to me as a bullet wound, and I found another crossing the shoulder from the left to the right, burning and blackening his skin; I saw Constable Ditley [?] lift a ball between the shirt and the skin. Drs. Ryan and Condon deposed that they made a post mortem examination. Three pistol shots entered the body of the deceased, one passing through the heart, the other two through the right lung. Both were fired from behind. The third struck the shoulder blade bone, and was found between the shirt and the skin. A bullet also entered the left arm and passed out underneath an incised and punctured wound behind the angle of the left jaw caused by a sharp instrument. The jury returned a verdict of wilful murder against some persons unknown. The motive of the crime is unknown. No arrests have been made. Inquest into the Murder of Edmond Allen - Cork Constitution18860119 Cork Constitution, January 19, 1886